When it comes to Choosing your Photographer, how do you know if you are choosing the right one?

What are the main thing you look for when you are choosing aphotographer?

This needs to be looked at Carefully as this person is creatinga lasting memory for you.

I have spoken to people in the past who now hate their wedding photos as they hadn’t looked carefully when they were choosing a Photographer.

one of the biggest things people look for is the price ofthe photographer.

I will go back for a moment to discuss wedding photography. When you are buying your wedding cake do you want a certain cake or do you just want what is cheapest? Some people spend €2000 on a wedding cake that gets eaten on the day and you will never see it again. Some people will spend thousands on flowers for their wedding that may last a week after their big days so why do people just try and find the cheapest photographer who will provide you with images that will last not only your lifetime but others as well.

When you are choosing your photographer regardless if its for a wedding, cake smash, newborn or just some celebration, look at the photographers gallery of images do you like them? How do they make you feel? Is this something you can see hanging on your wall.

If they are more than what your budget can afford save up orcut the cost of something that will not last you deserve to have the best.

I know lots of photographers and I have been on many training days, everyone has their own style of shooting and editing so you canhave lo people shooting the same subject and each image will look different purely because people look at things differently.

Please do your research find the wow images you like and get in contact with the photographer.