A lot of people ask me “what is Cakesmash Photography?”. My response is: it is simply when you baby is approaching their 1st Birthday we simply bring them to the studio. I decorate the studio in a theme we put the baby in front of the cake and we let them eat it while they are having their photos taken.

We don’t only do shoots for 1st birthdays. We can shoot for any birthday, this session doesn’t need to be for just cakes. If your baby has a cake allergy we can change it to a paint splash shoot, some people use water melons and some even use spaghetti bolognese.

This all sounds so simple, However if the prep work is not done then usually this shoot does not go as well as some people expect. I have had problems in the past where children get upset easy due to the material of the outfits. This is one reason i have moved away from using tutu’s. babies are now days so used to having their hands wiped at every given opportunity, when the baby has cake on their hands they automatically want their hands cleaned.

If you are thinking of booking a cakesmash photoshoot then please feel free to discuss any thoughts or ideas. It is totally worth the prep work. I see mum’s getting upset because they do not get the cute messy photos, do not get me wrong you will have a set of beautiful images regardless.

I have been asked can you do Adult cakesmashes? the answer is yes of course we can. we can do cake smash photos for 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th or 50th. We can even do it if its not your birthday, its totally up to you.

30th Cake Smash Throwing Cake