COVID 19 and Micro Weddings

COVID 19 and Micro Weddings

So there is a lot of uncertainty with COVID 19 and we are all aware that weddings have changed a lot since the 23rd March 2020, When the UK went into lockdown. Weddings as we know them were unable to to take place for weeks/ Months unless you wanted an intimate wedding that was the bride, groom and two witnesses.


Since then we were allowed up to 30 guests at a wedding for a short time, this has now been reduced to 15 people. Although registrar’s, photographers and videographers were to be excluded from the numbers this is venue dependent.


More and more wedding couples are now looking at different options for their wedding day to accommodate these changes. Most wedding photographers are adapting to the changes and offering Micro Wedding Packages.


So you are wondering what is a Micro Wedding, these are also referred to as a Intimate weddings as well. These weddings are during the time of COVID 19 and are limited on the number of guests allowed, your photographer attends your day and takes images of your ceremony, group shots and couples shots. They normally cover between 2-3 hours.

Camera Crazy is offering to cover your wedding from as little as £350 for micro weddings in 2020 and 2021. I can also offer other package offers if you would like to book a wedding reception for a different year.

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If you are also looking for other wedding suppliers if you have not already done so, please check the lists within The Wedding Guide

Langtons House Weddings

Langtons House Weddings

Langtons House Weddings or is also called Langtons Registry Office.


As a Wedding photographer in Essex. I have had the pleasure of shooting many weddings in Langtons and its Landscaped Gardens. It holds a beautiful Ornamental Lake within the gardens.

Langtons is a popular wedding Venue in Hornchurch. With its Choice of 4 Rooms for your ceremony to take place in.


If you are considering booking your Wedding at Langtons please feel free to contact me or you can view more information on my Wedding Costs here 

See Below photos that have been shot at Langtons.

About Langtons House

Langtons House is a 18th century house and a grade II listed building. It has had a £2,000,000 grant to bring it back to it’s former glory. The gardens and the Lake are kept very well. if you are looking for car parking the main carpark people use is on Billet lane at the queens theater. However there is another carpark located on Keswick Ave.


Weddings at Langtons Registry Office

Langtons House Weddings can have 4 rooms for the wedding ceremonies to take place, these are the East room which is Duck-egg blue room. The West room which is a gold and cream coloured room, the orangery which is a glass build outbuilding and Langtons Hall.

Both the East and West rooms have Crystal chandeliers and luxurious soft furnishings. The grand hall has an oak finished bar and looks beautiful when it is all set up for the wedding breakfast.

Langtons now have a premium wedding package where for Sundays you can have exclusive hire of the House, I have photographed a wedding on the exclusive hire day and it is enjoyable and relaxing, however if your wedding reception is being held elsewhere then there would be no requirement for this exclusive hire.


Photographing at Langtons House.

On the beautiful grounds it you can capture some really beautiful images not just for weddings. Lovely family photos can be taken. There is a beautiful old tree in the middle of the gardens next to the lake. This is a go to place for a lot of photos to be taken. If the weather is raining it acts as a shelter, if the weather is bright sunshine the tree is perfect. Many people want bright sunny days for their Wedding however this is a nightmare for a Photographer. The best type of day for Wedding photos are nice and warm, little to no wind and thin cloud in the sky.

The reason for not wanting bright sunshine is because it can cause the photos to be over exposed and you will not see all the amazing detail in the wedding dress.


What Camera Equipment Can i Use

You can use almost anything to get good pictures in Langtons of your family. A bit of advice is get down low when you are taking photos. You want to have the Camera level with the belly when you are shooting, it makes for a nicer Photo. Always look for the right background. You do not want a busy background. When i have Photographed at Langtons I like shooting in the dark, I use several types of lighting equipment. My car boot is normally filled with lots of items as you never know what you may need at a wedding.


I hope you have enjoyed this blog, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank You

Ultimate Wedding Guide 2020

Ultimate Wedding Guide 2020

Ultimate Wedding Guide 2020

Whilst we are all in the middle of this pandemic, I am working on creating more bookings for my Essex Wedding Photography Packages for 2021 & 2022. I am a photographer that is based at Southend-On-Sea, Essex and my studio is in Stratford, London. However for my weddings I travel anywhere within the UK and I also do destination weddings.

My Idea

I wanted to give my Brides an Ultimate guide for them to be able to go to one place and have a list of suppliers either Local to them or national, this will give them the best start with planning their Weddings to make it the best they can. The suppliers range from Wedding Flowers, Wedding Stationary and Even includes Wedding Butler Service.

As I started making this list there were some suppliers that had never would have thought of as being an option.

The Wedding List

I have listed everyone I currently have on my list and these are for all ranges of budgets. Even if I don’t have someone in your area there will be things in the list that will enable you to search for local to you.

Go to the list below, find the heading of what you are looking for on the left, when you click the heading a list of the suppliers will show up on the right with their location, click on the suppliers name and it will take you to their link, this may be a website, Facebook, Instagram or other social media platform.

If you are interested in booking a wedding photographer please click here for a link to my wedding session and pricing page

Making an Enquiry

if you make an enquiry with one of the suppliers on the list below please let them know that you found them through Camera Crazy’s Website.

Ultimate Wedding Suppliers List

The Bridal Pixie Cambridge

Partybites National

Impact People National

devon dub weddings Devon
GT Chauffeurs National
Love me do North England
Nandra Chauffeur South East
Special Day Vehicles National

Special Moments Celebrant National
Toast Celebrant North England
DMG Ceremonies South Wales
Create Ceremonies South Wales
Severn Ceremonies Worcestershire

Wonderland Event Creche Denbighshire
Leaping Lily Bouncy Castles Essex
The Snug Teepee Co Essex
Camera Kids National
YoYo’s Creche National
The Wedding Ångel National
Lala’s Little Library National
The Wedding Nanny Norfolk Northolk
Pop Up Mini Golf Wokingham
Shropshire Wedding & Event Sitters Shropshire
The Wessex Nanny wiltshire

All the Feels National
Notes Of Life National
Icon Entertainment North England
Absolute DJs North West of England
Golden Sound Disco Mid England

De Gustibus Cakes Northamptonshire

Orchid Event Management Northamptonshire

Craftie Handmade National

The Love of Dance National
Big Dance Occasions North England

Crystal Belle Beauty Stockton on tees

Lizzie Shaw Makeup Artistry  Lincolnshire
The Bride To be Scotland
Claire Marie West Sussex
Krstev Kreates Southeast England

Makeup by Ramn National
Lyndsay MUA Norfolk
Tashsa Makeup Artist Norfolk
Bespoke Bridal Beauty North England
Make Up By Mary West Midlands
S J Beauty National
Laura Amy Makeup Essex

The Little Red Bus North Devon

Bottle Top Bar Bridgnorth
V dub Tavern Essex
Sip n Swig National
The Distillery Box North England
China Grey Worcestershire
The Wokingham Bar Company Wokingham

The Little Red Bus North Devon

Live For the Night National
The Distance National
Sonic Boom National
Northern Xposure Mid England

D&D Occasions Mid England

Danny Long Northwest

creative creations lincon
Peony & Lace National
Opulence Events London National
Crystal Belle Event Planner Stockton on tees
Haybales Barn Leicester.
Champink Weddings & Events Essex
MG Events Plymouth

I Do Wedding Art Hertfordshire

Precious Pets National

I hope this post has helped for you to create your perfect Wedding Day.

If you are a supplier and would like to be added onto the list please email me

If you are interested in booking a wedding photographer please click here for a link to my wedding session and pricing page

Note: All the above contacts are from networking groups and they should be fully researched prior to booking with them.

Newborn Photographer of the year 2020

Newborn Photographer of the year 2020

I really enjoy entering competitions and going to all the photography conventions. For a couple of reasons carrying out training and meeting people within the industry.


Entering The Competition

In January of 2020 I decided to go to the Societies of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. I entered into their 20×16 print competition.


I was hoping to get some really good feedback on my images and on ways to improve. They carry out live judging for two days covering a multiple of genres.


This year I entered into the creative portrait and the newborn category. I was unable to attend the live judging but one of my friends were able to attend and filmed it for me.



You are required to get a score of 80 to get a merit, this is not an easy score to be able to achieve and it is marked on a list of technical items.


My creative images was the first to go up which was scored at 78, however one of the judge’s contested the score. She gave her reasons why, then all the judges voted for a second time after they made the reasons why they scored how they did.


The new score came in at 80 which I was pleased with.


I attended the convention on the Thursday evening. I got up on Friday and went down what other images that got through to the next round.


Photographer Finalist

As I was walking around I saw that my newborn image had a second rosette on it saying finalist.


I was confused at the time and I was quite unsure why I had received the second rosette.


I found someone I knew that was on the judging panel and he explained to me.


Once all the images had been judged. All the images that received a merit or higher would be re judged from scratch.


This meant that a different set of judges felt my image was at the standard to be nominated in the final.


The Award For Best Newborn Photographer

The awards night come along and they get to the newborn category. I won 3rd place which is an awesome achievement. I was up on stage with one of the best newborn photographers in the world Kelly Brown.


3 days later I am still in shock on how well my image done and I am very pleased with the image. Please see my Newborn Photography Packages here 


Let me know what you think about this image in the comments below.


The Equipment

 For anyone that would like to know what equipment was used, this image was shot using a Sony A7iii Camera, Using a Sony 24-70mm f2.8 Lens. My lighting was done with a Profoto B1X light, with a Rotalux Octabox 135cm light sharper. The baby was posed on a Perfect Posie bean bag and Heart Shaped bowl.


Thank you 


What Is Cakesmash Photography?

What is Cakesmash Photography?

A lot of people ask me "what is Cakesmash Photography?". My response is: it is simply when you baby is approaching their 1st Birthday we simply bring them to the studio. I decorate the studio in a theme we put the baby in front of the cake and we let them eat it while they are having their photos taken.

We don't only do shoots for 1st birthdays. We can shoot for any birthday, this session doesn't need to be for just cakes. If your baby has a cake allergy we can change it to a paint splash shoot, some people use water melons and some even use spaghetti bolognese.

This all sounds so simple, However if the prep work is not done then usually this shoot does not go as well as some people expect. I have had problems in the past where children get upset easy due to the material of the outfits. This is one reason i have moved away from using tutu's. babies are now days so used to having their hands wiped at every given opportunity, when the baby has cake on their hands they automatically want their hands cleaned.

Thinking of Booking a Essex Cakesmash

If you are thinking of booking a cakesmash photoshoot then please feel free to discuss any thoughts or ideas. It is totally worth the prep work. I see mum's getting upset because they do not get the cute messy photos. Do not get me wrong you will have a set of beautiful images regardless.

I have been asked can you do Adult cakesmashes? The answer is yes of course we can. We can do cake smash photos for any special birthday. We can even do it if its not your birthday, its totally up to you.

30th Cake Smash Throwing Cake

find out more on cakesmash photography here 

Dog Photography

Dog Photography

I have been interested in doing Dog photography for a while now. I have practiced on my own dog previously to get the lighting how I wanted it and practiced different types of editing.

A fellow Photographer and I had been discussing having a play date to be able to build a portfolio of images to offer these sessions to clients. We spoke about this several times over approx 1 year. Finally we had a date both of us could do.

I put a post on a Facebook Group, called 8 out of 10 mum's, which we were not expecting the response that we had. There were over 300 comments in total and around 100 images of peoples fur babies.

After a few days of discussions we had decided on the dogs we were going to use.

Firstly we had Neo & Indi:

Neo was a 12 year old Labrador Cross Sharpei, Neo was very calm and not bothered about his surroundings, he seemed very settled straight away. Neo's Parents say he doesn't get out much anymore due to his age and medical problems that he has, he was our first dog up.

we got Neo into position however he was slipping a bit on the backdrop and kept going and sitting on the mat by the front door. We realised he must have been uncomfortable so we moved the mat onto the shooting area and then he would sit but he really wasn't interested i had bought some treats and toys from Pets at Home that morning to be able to buy friendship with the dogs.

When i retrieved the ball out of my bag that is when we saw a totally different Neo. He was totally happy with the ball and started bouncing all over the studio playing with the ball, this made his parents so happy as they hadn't seen their joyful fur baby like this in a long time.

Next up was Neo's little sister Indi who was a 2 year old Pug cross Jackrussell. She was a great model for us to work with, she would do anything for the treats i had in my pocket.

We then decided that they needed pictures together, We sat them next to each other and like any other siblings they were not so impressed Neo was totally into his ball and Indi was looking around saying "mum do i have to sit next to him" .


Second Shoot Nellie:

Next up was Nellie who was a 5 month old Great Dane. At first Nellie was a bit concerned in walking through the door however her mum got her in without a problem. This reminded me of a program I watched years ago where you have the trainers help you out with problems with your dog. There was one episode where there was a Great Dane that was scared to go through doorways and onto shiny tiled floors.


I had instantly remembered about this and knew the problems Neo had with standing on the shooting area, I got Nellie to stand on the backdrop and i could see her slipping a bit and knew that this may be a problem for her so rather than stressing her out we got the mat out again. this then became known as the magic mat.

Nellie did jump a few times but once her mum settled her we got some fantastic images from her. About 30 mins after they had left we received a message where Nellie was in her bed fast asleep as all the modelling had been a bit tiring for the 5 month old, she looked so cute.

The main part of this shoot is i just remember her being all legs and ears.


Third Shoot Amber:

Amber the 6 Year old Chow Chow was next to arrive. Amber came across as a dog who wants to do things on her terms. She wasn't interested in coming into the studio. So she was carried.

Amber wasn't interested in the shoot at all, she wanted just to see what was around, she had an amazing coat and it seemed like she had this wonderful mane like shape.


Fourth Shoot Milo:

Milo was the most unusual color dog I had seen. He was a French Bulldog cross Pomeranian. His features reminded my of a fox like dog. He was the cutest dog. The dog owners said they had taken him out that morning to Southend-On-Sea. They had told us everyone was stopping them asking questions about Milo.



I can see that Milo would be a dog that would end up on a TV program. Something like Britons Got Talent doing a dance or some sort of agility course. He was an intelligent dog.


Fifth Shoot Bertie:

Then it was Bertie's Turn. Bertie was a 19 month old Dalmatian.

Bertie did not like being in somewhere strange at all. The poor dog as soon as he got into the studio he sat on the sofa and refused to move off. He would eat his treats whilst he was on the sofa so we knew he wasn't to distressed. We were unable to coax him off of the sofa. So I took a couple of images just so his mum had at least one image of Bertie but he just wanted to go home. :(


Sixth Shoot Buzz:

The next shoot was for a 1.5 year old Spaniel cross Staff. Buzz was an amazing bouncy dog. At first we tried the normal treats and toys. He wasn't to fussed about. Then I got the Dog Peanut butter out. when he tried this he would do anything for it.


We had some great fun with this Professional Shoot. I used a sheet of perspex. Peanut butter was put on the perspex to see if we could get some different types of images. Some of his facial expressions were so amazing. I personally have had a spaniel and I have had staff previously. I could see both of them in Buzz.



Last Shoot Hanson & Elsa:

Lastly there was an amazing family who run a Rescue center.They bought two dogs in with them, the first on is Hanson who was a 4 year old Sharpei. Hanson was dumped at 9 weeks old in may 2014 due to a severe deformity to his front left leg.



They have a fund raising page for Hanson to go to see Noel Fitzpatrick , if you would like to make a donation for Hanson please visit their Facebook Page Here


The other dog the brought along was Elsa who was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Elsa is 2 years old and she will be in Crufts this year. She was the most amazing black Stafford Bull Terrier. Who stood so well. As she was a show dog she didn't sit well but she would stand still amazingly.


Here are additional Images from all the dogs photography from the day.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you like the images.

if you would like to know more about dog photography please see additional information here