COVID 19 and Micro Weddings

So there is a lot of uncertainty with COVID 19 and we are all aware that weddings have changed a lot since the 23rd March 2020, When the UK went into lockdown. Weddings as we know them were unable to to take place for weeks/ Months unless you wanted an intimate wedding that was the bride, groom and two witnesses.


Since then we were allowed up to 30 guests at a wedding for a short time, this has now been reduced to 15 people. Although registrar’s, photographers and videographers were to be excluded from the numbers this is venue dependent.


More and more wedding couples are now looking at different options for their wedding day to accommodate these changes. Most wedding photographers are adapting to the changes and offering Micro Wedding Packages.


So you are wondering what is a Micro Wedding, these are also referred to as a Intimate weddings as well. These weddings are during the time of COVID 19 and are limited on the number of guests allowed, your photographer attends your day and takes images of your ceremony, group shots and couples shots. They normally cover between 2-3 hours.

Camera Crazy is offering to cover your wedding from as little as £350 for micro weddings in 2020 and 2021. I can also offer other package offers if you would like to book a wedding reception for a different year.

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