For a long time I have had a total respect for the art of Drag Queens.

From the makeup, dresses, shoes and hair. Drag Queens have always amazed me with their talents. Especially walking in heels, I still haven’t mastered that art. I had an opportunity to photograph 9 students that are drag performers. I wanted to do something a little different.

A photographer based in New York Called Leland Bobbe done a series of images called behind the drag. Which were amazing, I wanted to also create some form of before and after images but with my own twist.

Where to start

I stared off where I had each of them sitting in front of a plain white background without their makeup on. Each holding some drag paraphernalia.

So we had one holding gaffer tape which we all know drag Queens tuck their selves with. Some use it to Cinched their waste. Another had tights all queens need to have a good pair of tights right? another had a pallet of eye shadow and paint, others had lipstick and of course there was a wig.


The drag Queens, kings and bio Queens took approximately 2 hours each to get read for the after photo’s.

What Next

With their After photos I wanted to photograph them with other drag props. I wanted these to relate to them individually to show cast their talents. There were inflatable guitars, bitchcraft books. One made their own Costumes so I had made for them a giant sewing needle (video of needle being made here), which came out very well.

As well as these 9 students that took time out to help me with my project. I decided I wanted to get involved. So I had myself photographed in the before image, and they helped me glue my eyebrows and I applied my Own makeup.

I had a clear vision in my head of how I wanted to edit these images. for the after images I wanted to show the inclusion for all LGBTQ. I edited the after images with bright rainbow colours. As I was the one taking the images I felt it was good to edit all of the rainbow colours in my background.

My Equipment

The images were shot with a Sony At iii using a 55mm Sony lens. The lighting setup was two lights with strip boxes attached pointing directly onto the background. The key light was a 135mm Octabox directly above the subjects head, feathering the light off the side.

Do you want a session like this?

If you want to book a caricature session with me. please contact me for more information. these can also be incorporated into one of the fine art session packages if you wish.