Langtons House Weddings

Langtons House Weddings or is also called Langtons Registry Office.


As a Wedding photographer in Essex. I have had the pleasure of shooting many weddings in Langtons and its Landscaped Gardens. It holds a beautiful Ornamental Lake within the gardens.

Langtons is a popular wedding Venue in Hornchurch. With its Choice of 4 Rooms for your ceremony to take place in.


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See Below photos that have been shot at Langtons.

About Langtons House

Langtons House is a 18th century house and a grade II listed building. It has had a £2,000,000 grant to bring it back to it’s former glory. The gardens and the Lake are kept very well. if you are looking for car parking the main carpark people use is on Billet lane at the queens theater. However there is another carpark located on Keswick Ave.


Weddings at Langtons Registry Office

Langtons House Weddings can have 4 rooms for the wedding ceremonies to take place, these are the East room which is Duck-egg blue room. The West room which is a gold and cream coloured room, the orangery which is a glass build outbuilding and Langtons Hall.

Both the East and West rooms have Crystal chandeliers and luxurious soft furnishings. The grand hall has an oak finished bar and looks beautiful when it is all set up for the wedding breakfast.

Langtons now have a premium wedding package where for Sundays you can have exclusive hire of the House, I have photographed a wedding on the exclusive hire day and it is enjoyable and relaxing, however if your wedding reception is being held elsewhere then there would be no requirement for this exclusive hire.


Photographing at Langtons House.

On the beautiful grounds it you can capture some really beautiful images not just for weddings. Lovely family photos can be taken. There is a beautiful old tree in the middle of the gardens next to the lake. This is a go to place for a lot of photos to be taken. If the weather is raining it acts as a shelter, if the weather is bright sunshine the tree is perfect. Many people want bright sunny days for their Wedding however this is a nightmare for a Photographer. The best type of day for Wedding photos are nice and warm, little to no wind and thin cloud in the sky.

The reason for not wanting bright sunshine is because it can cause the photos to be over exposed and you will not see all the amazing detail in the wedding dress.


What Camera Equipment Can i Use

You can use almost anything to get good pictures in Langtons of your family. A bit of advice is get down low when you are taking photos. You want to have the Camera level with the belly when you are shooting, it makes for a nicer Photo. Always look for the right background. You do not want a busy background. When i have Photographed at Langtons I like shooting in the dark, I use several types of lighting equipment. My car boot is normally filled with lots of items as you never know what you may need at a wedding.


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