Looking for ways to save money on your wedding day? Some people don’t seem to have a budget at all. Some have a very small budget.

Here are some great tips on saving costs on some items that will allow you to get the dress you have always wanted or to get the photographer that will capture your images the way you always imagined.

1. Table Cloths:

These can be Very expensive to hire you could investigate the option of buying used to selling after your wedding.

2. Flowers:

If you want a fantastic flower center pieces buy fake flowers, these can be a real good quality now days. This will help if you are looking for flowers that are out of season when you are getting married.

3. PhotoBooths:

These can be really expensive to hire. There are really good photo booths that are little vans which have been converted. If this is what you want then they are worth the money, If you want a standard photobooth then look at your options. Talk to your photographer, see if they can help out with this. If they cannot, Fake flower walls are a brilliant idea to create a fantastic backdrop for your guest to picture in front of.

Look at making one rather than hiring or see if you can buy a second hand one that someone has made and no longer requires.

4. Your Date:

pick dates that are not popular, I am starting to see more and more mid-week weddings, consider Friday the 13th these are generally cheaper.

5. Negotiate:

Try to negotiate venue locations and Caterers. Some of suppliers may be able to offer a discount but ask nicely and let them know that you have other options do not go with the first person that are bit cheaper, ensure you are also getting the venue of your dreams.

6. Honeymoon

Have you heard of honeyfund? It’s a website which is like go fund me, where you can get your guests to put money into a honeymoon fund, this saves on getting presents you don’t need any and having a pile of cash under your mattress that will be spent on nothing after the wedding.

7. Combining:

Consider getting married to having the reception in the same venue this way you will not need to hire a car or a driver to take you from place to place, this may also help with negotiation as guests may stay at the venue with you that night. More customers for the venue.

8. Night Time Entertainment:

Do you know a DJ or someone in the family that can help you out or a band that can do your favorite cover songs?

9. Something Used:

Check at Facebook and Gumtree for used once items. get ideas for your favors. I see on a Facebook group the other day about getting badges for all the Guest especially made these can be cheap if you shop around, you can even glue a magnet on them to allow people to put them on their fridges. the other option is not to bother with favors at all? Sometimes it’s a cost that is not needed for your wedding day.

10. Drinks:

Some people try to save money on bottle of drinks, which is a good idea but ask the venue if they charge corkage first otherwise it could workout expensive. You don’t need to supply your guests with free. drinks all night they are coming to enjoy your day with you, not to get drunk on your savings this extra money could go on that wedding dress you have wanted for ages.


On the other side these are things I would Suggest you do spend your hard-earned money on. So, don’t cut costs.

1. Wedding Video:

Thinking no point having a wedding video? Think again, recently I have seen and spoken to more and more women who have not had a videographer at their wedding and have regretted it since. You cannot go back and re-record that moment. It will be worth the money. Your children and your grandchildren will want to watch it over and over to remember you, or you want to go back and remember how happy family members who have passed over the years were back then.

2. Planner:

Wedding coordinator / wedding planner. They will know where to go and who to go with but do watch out as some of them have deals with suppliers and you won’t end up with the best deals possible. Look for Someone who has recently started out they are trying to make the best impression and they want the best reviews from you they may be able to help you find a real good bargain.

3. Say yes to that Dress:

Buy the dress you always wanted but equally look for sales or ones that have been in the window, even second-hand dresses. never attempt to alter your or your bridesmaids’ dresses unless you are a seamstress, always pay for a professional to do this. Also, be aware if you see the dress you want on one of these websites where it is shipped from china, have you seen the what it should look like and what it looks like images?

4. Photographer:

Yes, I am going to say this but please do your research ask your friends ask friends of friends. find the images you love. We all know someone who has a fancy camera so such and such could do it for free. I thought it would be a lot easier, the number of hours photographers work, and the equipment used some are charging less than minimum wage to make your wedding day last a lifetime by capturing you, your family and friends in the most natural way possible.

I am not saying go with the most expensive or the cheapest look at the images, love the images. This is not to make you book me, you deserve to have the best, drop me a message and I will send you links of some of the best photographers in The UK close to you.

5. Setting The scene:

If you have managed to save money on items for your wedding so far and managed to have some cash spare. Instead spend money on draping and backdrops, there is nothing worse than having the most beautiful Venue then the images taken inside with real bad backdrops, make your wedding as you want. You will love your images and video forever making worse than looking back and thinking I can’t put that on my wall; the decorator in the background was awful.


Please leave comments below of how you saved on your big day, help future brides with knowing what you saved and spent money on.