What makes a good Photographer?

Is it down to what equipment they have? Should they have a degree? If they have a studio or If they are mobile? The Size of their camera or the lens they have? How long they have been doing photography?

Or is it just down to their vision and what they think a good image is?

I know in the past, when I was starting my photography business I had a relatively cheap camera and this was good enough for at the time. I was getting ready for a shoot I got my Camera out of my bag the client said to me “oh that’s a big camera. It must be expensive”. It wasn’t but it had given that impression, I have had other people whilst I have been out taking pictures for myself say “that’s a big camera, are you a professional photographer?”

So does having a Camera makes you a good photographer?

Just having is a camera that looks big gives the impression Its expensive or you are professional. This in itself would stop a photographer buying a newer lighter and smaller camera. The new camera’s that are currently out are superior than some of the older DSLR cameras you see photographers using.

There are some photographers that had not touched a camera until 3 years ago. There are some who are the best in the UK and possibly in the world. Personally but I do not think that having a qualification or having a certain camera makes you a good photographer.

What I think makes a good photographer is having a vision and making your clients feel excited, happy and shows you understand their needs.

Please share your thoughts. let me know what you think makes a good photographer. Let me know what has been your best experiences and your worse.

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